Focus Group Interviews - the Social Dimension of the Bologna Process

Pristina. Three Focus Group Interviews (FGIs) on the Social Dimension of the Bologna Process were conducted in Pristina between March 11-13. The altogether 19 participants in the FGIs included higher education teaching staff, university management, education authorities, CSOs and students from Bosniak, Roma and Turkish communities.  The concept of the social dimension of higher education was first developed within the Bologna Process in the Prague Communiqué of 2001 and, broadly speaking, refers to the goal of removing inequalities in access to higher education in the European Area of Higher Education.

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TACH: project meeting in Graz

A project meeting was held in Graz at the premises of WUS Austria for the EuropeAid project: "Teachers: Agents of change. A strategic approach to anchoring development education in Czech and in Polish formal education systems".

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SIPUS – Consortium Meeting in Belgrade

The Consortium meeting was hosted by the University of Belgrade and jointly organized with the University of Novi Sad. All project partners actively participated in this meeting since every partner gave a progress report for its own institution. All project activities which have been implemented so far were discussed and an outlook on the future activities was given. Moreover, the project management team provided information and guidelines on the upcoming interim report and the financial partner reports.  

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KTU - Study Visit and Consortium Meeting

Budapest. Meeting within the TEMPUS project KTU: Knowledge Transfer Units - From Applied Research and Technology-Entrepreneurial Know-How Exchange to Development of Interdisciplinary Curricula Modules“. The meeting took place in Budapest, Hungary, from 23rd to 26th February 2015. The meeting was organized by Demola, Open Innovation Platform of Budapest and gathered representatives from 12 partner organisations of the project Consortium. The meeting also included a study visit for Knowledge Transfer Units from Partner Country Universities (PCUs) in Ukraine.


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MAIN - Workshop in Graz

Graz. The workshop of the TEMPUS project „MAIN: Mastering innovation in Serbia through development and implementation of interdisciplinary post-graduate curricula in innovation management“ took place in Graz, Austria, from 10 – 11 February 2015.



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Kick-off meeting and strategy workshop within the project "Needs Assessment, Strategy and Policy Development for National Technology Transfer Office" held in Skopje, Macedonia 2nd and 3rd of February 2015

WUS Austria, together with its partner AUSTIN Pock + Partners will provide its expertise for the establishment of the National Technology Transfer Office (NTTO) in Macedonia - a project commissioned by the Macedonian Ministry of Education and Science and financed from the World Bank loan.

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Veritas – Training on Formulation of Award Criteria & Quality Standards in Doctoral Education

Yerevan. Higher Education Professionals from Armenian and Europe met in Yerevan/Armenia from January 26-27, 2015 to discuss award criteria and quality standards and procedures in doctoral education. 

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MAIN_ training and consortium meeting in Kragujevac

A project management meeting of the MAIN project was organized at the University of Kragujevac on 4th December 2014. The purpose of the project meeting was to inform the Consortium members on the progress made in the previous period as well as to plan the activities for the following one. The meeting was also an excellent opportunity to introduce new contact person and project management team from the University of Novi Sad as Coordinating Institution.

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SALE - new project kick off in Graz

Graz. 10 professionals from Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK met in Graz from November 27-28, 2014 to kick-start a new, joint two-year project under the new Erasmus+ programme - “SALE – Social Media Training to Combat Unemployment Among Higher Education Graduates”. The meeting was held at the Fachhochschule Joanneum (FH J) and gathered representatives from the eight members of the project Consortium.


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