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Brain Gain Program +

Target area: Higher Education Development
Sub-target area: The Brain Gain Program
Target countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia
Target groups: Higher Education Institutions, Individuals
Duration: November 2007 - February 2011
Budget line: Austrian Development Cooperation


Project Description

The system of higher education in South-Eastern European countries (SEE) is mainly influenced by the academic isolation of the past years, the underdeveloped physical infrastructure at the universities, the complicated political structure and the poor economic situation.

As a consequence, many young people and academics have left their countries to study, teach and conduct research abroad, which led to the widespread phenomenon of brain drain. Some of them finished their studies and specialisations, and work throughout the world at universities or similar institutions, or are experts in relevant areas. These academics would like to visit their home countries in order to share their experiences and to disseminate new methods. Conversely there are gaps in the local research and teaching capacity at the universities in SEE, especially on the postgraduate level.

The Brain Gain Program (BGP) is aimed at inviting professors, assistants or experts in relevant fields originating from former Yugoslavia or Austria to teach as guest lecturers – for several days up to 3 weeks – at universities / faculties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.

In the forthcoming period, BGP will be supplemented with several new segments. New BGP, BGP+, consists of the following:

Teaching – BGP+ “Classic” project: guest lecturers hold courses to fill the gaps in the local teaching capacities. Emigrated SEE as well as Austrian experts are invited to teach at eligible public universities for a period of 1 to 3 weeks with a possibility to extend the period of stay up to 4 months in certain cases. (The hosting university / faculty will be responsible for the lecturer’s accommodation.)

Mentoring – BGP+ “Classic” project, with extended period of stay for the guest lecturers, including those participating in visits through projects belonging to the Development of Labour Market Relevant Master and PhD Programs and Chairs at SEE universities (Degree Development Structure DDS, Labour Market Oriented Curriculum Program LMOCP, Master Studies Development Program MSDP) and providing mentorship for students writing final thesis.

Research – BGP+ for researchers: guest lecturers participate in research projects. BGP+ for researchers is aimed at supporting research work at eligible SEE universities by inviting guest researchers from all over the world. They will not only conduct their research but also transfer their knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques in research gained abroad to the staff and students in SEE.

BGP+ Database – BGP+ database update and maintenance. The existing BGP+ database will be expanded with a separate segment containing data on emigrated researchers living and working abroad.

Brain Gain Program+ is a constituent part of the DDS/ LMOCP/ MSDP. Therefore, BGP+ applications for teaching and mentoring within the DDS/ LMOCP/ MSDP will be given preference. Still, faculties are also highly encouraged to apply for BGP+ for research and for study programs outside DDS/ LMOCP/ MSDP.

Applications for the BGP+ have to be sent to the WUS Office of the respective country at least three weeks prior to the proposed lecture.

Applications for retroactive support and incomplete application forms will not be considered!

As an equal opportunity organisation, WUS Austria strongly supports and encourages female candidates to apply.

Important Documents & Links


BGP+_Results of Survey; ANNEXES

BGP in Kosovo_Final Report

Brain Gain Program 2002-2011

Required Documents for

Bosnia and Herzegovina:






Final Report Form for the Faculty 

Final Report Form for the Guest Lecturer

Inception Report form for the Guest Lecturer for BGP with Extended Period of Stay


Final Report for the Faculty

Final Report for the Guest Lecturer

Inception Report for the Guest Lecturer

Evaluation Form for the Students

Evaluation Form for the Students Mentored by the Guest Lecturer

List of Participating Students

Other links:


Field report _Dr. Hariz Halilovich (Monash University, Australia)


Contact persons

Suh Ines - Graz Office