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Erhard Busek, Former Vice-Chancellor, Rector of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg:

[...] the development and dissemination of European values in their best sense, a perspective for a young generation, and eventually for the future of the respective countries would not be possible without WUS. I am constantly asking myself if organizations of this kind should not deserve an award. If this award existed, then WUS would be an outstanding candidate for it. That such organizations exist helps us to be sometimes proud of Austria!



Ambassador Emil Brix, Ministry for European and International Affairs:

The focus of WUS Austria on the countries of South-Eastern Europe, where there is a heightened need for cooperation in education and research with the member states of the European Union, deserves special recognition. By setting up local offices in South-Eastern Europe, WUsSAustria has been contributing greatly to the establishment of links and networks between the local institutions of higher education and academic research on the one hand and their counterparts in the European Union on the other hand, which has led to much improved opportunities for cooperation.



Rector Enver Hasani, Former Rector of the University of Prishtina:

In the post-war period, the history of the University of Prishtina will be deficient if the contribution of WUS Austria's projects is not presented. The value of WUS programs has been heightened by the modern development approach and the project implementation. [...]  I would like to use this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to the [...] Austrian Development Agency for the support provided during this period of time [...]. I will also use the opportunity to thank WUS Austria for the sincere and professional cooperation during the project implementation period.



Ursula Plassnik, Former Minister for European and International Affairs:

The successful [WUS Austria] project “The Balkan Case Challenge” is interesting for young people and the business sector alike. With the backing of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs and its partners, the international business competition invites participant students from ten South-Eastern European countries. Its aim is to promote young talent, cross-border exchange and new links with the business sector. What should emerge are lasting friendships, economic partnership and increased access to interesting jobs.

The ever closer ties between European states are creating a wealth of opportunity. The international competition competition “Balkan Case Challenge” is a further step on our common journey towards Europe.


Radmila Marinkovic-Neducin, Rector of the University of Novi Sad:

For many years WUS Austria is supporting the universities in South-Eastern Europe in their efforts to reform their education. WUS Austria projects like PSG, CEP, CDP(+), BGP, BCC and others, where the University of Novi Sad is actively taking part, played an important role in the process of reforming the University of Novi Sad. Many granted scholarships, more than 30 funded and successfully completed CDP projects, almost 30 allotted BGP projects and the successful participation of our students in the BCC-competitions are something to be proud of.


Faruk Caklovica, Rector of the University of Sarajevo:

With pleasure we recognize every success WUS Austria achieves. To work, to be successful and generally to exist for 25 years is worth a notice.
WUS Austria and the Austrian universities [...] are for sure the most important partners for the University of Sarajevo.

We will never forget what [...] the organization, lead by [Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Benedek] successfully for already 25 years, did for our university and our employees. In the most difficult times for the university, [...] the employees [of WUS Austria] gave us a big support, without which we would not have been so successful after the war. [...]